Terms and conditions

This section covers the terms and conditions of the kushstarpapers.com website and its entirety as a company. In addition, this covers everything that includes the online purchase contract. By accessing the site you agree to have read and accepted the terms and conditions put in place by KushStar company.

Conditions of use

Any individual or organisation that visit this site within this version and connect with the KushStar company (kushstarpapers.com, kushstarpaper.com) subscribes, as a user, to the terms and conditions of use listed in this document and acknowledges that KushStar reserves the right to apply changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without any notice.


You agree that the use of this website is at your own risk and that KushStar and all of its instances are not responsible for any indirect and direct damages related to the use of it and access to our site. KushStar is also not responsible for anything that may harm you on the site including  the  browsing or any  downloads that could be made on the site and of any content showed. This includes the use of our products, texts, images and videos presented. We want to offer you the best in what attracts our products and the quality of our brand. We will always aim to provide information and content that is up to date and error free. However, it is not impossible that the images, colors and dimensions will vary. We will work in providing you the most accurate information at all times. But we cannot guarantee that what you see is exactly the right color, shape or size due to the fact that there may be differences between the various devices and screens you use. This also applies to all typographical and photographic errors. KushStar undertakes to correct any errors or modify the content of the site without notice. At our discretion, we may change product offerings, images and prices without notice. The site may  go through maintenance, become temporarily unavailable  or discontinued at any time for any reason. These occurrence are completely  at the discretion of KushStar.If a user does not respect the terms and conditions of the site, we can withdraw access to the site and legal actions can be taken against you.

Intellectual property and the use of the site

We would like to advise you that all of the content in its entirety and without limitation, as well as the texts, designs, photos, the design and its arrangement, including code and software, as well as the overall presentation of the site and which constitutes in is all, are protected by intellectual property rights. We also include copyrights, trademarks, slogans, advertising currency, words and logos used under license by KushStar and its business associates. All rights are reserved. Our business associates will respect our trademark and also have intellectual property rights of their own. So therefore, for certain trademarks, trade names, images, designs and logos which happens to be the respective property of their owners, and without their authorization, this constitutes a violation of the rights of the owner in good standing.

In summary, the website and its digital platform cannot be partially or completely copied, republished, reproduced, displayed, borrowed, disseminated, displayed or transmitted without written consent from the company KushStar. Therefore, no downloading, printing or viewing of the documents presented can be used for non-commercial and personal purposes. We would like to express that unauthorized use of the KushStar site, its trademark, copyright and intellectual property is found to be a violation of the laws applicable for this purpose. The alteration of the notices to our copyrights and our trademark by including any other notice of the exclusive property which are contained in the documents is prohibited. Therefore, you cannot modify, copy or otherwise use such documents present on our KushStar site on any other website or any other networked computer location. It is also prohibited to attempt to change in any way the material taken from our KushStar website to be used as a printed reproduction elsewhere. 

Pictures, descriptions and our prices

We would like to inform you that KushStar reserves the right to change prices for retailers and on our web platform, as well as descriptions and images without notice. In addition, taxes are not displayed, but will be applied at the time of finalizing your online purchase during invoicing. The prices displayed are in Canadian dollars in the Canadian section of the site and in US dollars in the section worldwide of the site. The prices displayed online will be the reference and the minimum price suggested for retailers.

Our promotions

KushStar may occasionally offer promotions to consumers. This could apply to an instant reduction in the price for a large order or a reduced price on a special selected bundle. It could also be linked to a minimum purchase of an order that would allow you to get free delivery. We will always leave promotional space on our site and in our newsletter to keep our customers informed. In all cases, the company reserves the right to offer promotions at any time and to apply and withdraw them without notice.

Our online purchase contract with you

This section will cover the online purchase agreement between KushStar and the purchaser of products on our website (kushstarpapers.com) or (kushstarpaper.com). You must accept these conditions of purchase, because otherwise you will not be able to make a transaction. This section is therefore important to be read and understood. First, we have adapted our site so that all legal ages are validated for each province and up to date. In addition, we have set the minimum age of 21 and over if you live elsewhere in the world. As for Quebec laws, we are not allowed to sell to individuals and their access to the site is not allowed. A measure was also put in place during the second validation step to access our website. Anyone accessing the site in Quebec should not be entitled to it by respecting the validation steps. Everyone who bypasses this validation step accepts that they are the ones who break the law. KushStar will not be responsible for the actions of these individuals, as the protocol that the company has established respects the standards in force in Quebec.

First step regarding the online purchase contract

After having read and understood all the conditions, the customer accepts the conditions established in the online contract presented here in connection with the purchase of KushStar products. The entire contract is binding the customer and KushStar. The customer accepts  to the way the contract for an online purchase works and agrees to buy under its conditions. Once the transaction has been completed, this presumes that the customer waives all rights that contradict the online purchase contract listed through the established terms and conditions.

Registration and payment

When registering for an account to make an online purchase, the customer ensures that all the information on their credit card provided is accurate, current, complete and truthful. All while complying with its financial institution and the charges made by the customer will be honored by the credit card company. Applicable taxes will also be paid during charges incurred by the customer. The customer will assume full responsibility for the amounts incurred by the use of his account on the site and its access. The customer must protect and keep his password secure. The customer must notify the company of any violation of this contract or of unauthorized employment within 24 hours. KushStar is not responsible for the management and use of the customer’s password.

Modification, Revision and Deletion

KushStar reserves the right to modify, delete, review any information or content on the site. This includes products, prices and the sales contract. This decision can be made at any time. In addition, the sale of any product is subject to its availability.

Refund and exchange policy

All products sold are a final sale on our website. We do not reimburse or exchange purchases once sent by the delivery service and received by our customers. We are not responsible for the condition of the product which may be damaged during delivery. KushStar ensures that the quality of the product sent is in perfect condition before sending it by post.

Taxes and prices

The prices of all our products are all taxable. We apply the taxes in force for the province of Quebec and the ones by the federal goverment. We will always apply the rates in effect at the time of your purchase. The prices of our products are displayed in Canadian dollars for the Canadian section of the site and are displayed in US dollars for the worldwide section. KushStar reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.

Method of payment

Purchases made on our website must be made with a valid credit card that our partners accept. . You can also pay with Paypal. No other means will be accepted unless there is a change in our terms and conditions. The costs and amounts presented must be paid in full upon invoicing. The customer agrees to pay the total cost and charges related to the product he wishes to acquire. This total amount includes taxes and delivery charges. The customer is to be solely responsible for the payment related to the product purchased. It is only the customer who is responsible for payment by credit card or other authorized means in obtaining the products offered. KushStar is not responsible for payment difficulties related to the operation of the service in connection with electronic commerce.

The description of our products

We want to provide you with accurate and precise descriptions. We would like to present to our customers an accuracy in the descriptions of all the articles on our site. However, KushStar does not guarantee that the description of our products, the product information sheets, the color and / or any other content on the site are accurate, up to date or free from all errors. If a product does not fully comply with its description, your only recourse is to contact us so that we can revise the information.

Copyright of our products

By acquiring our products, any commercial use and resale are prohibited. Our trademark and all designs, images, text and content are protected by copyright and intellectual property. Intellectual property and copyrights are also protected by Canadian law and may not be used by anyone without written consent from KushStar.

Compliance with the sales contract and compensation

The customer will undertake to indemnify, protect and defend the company, its suppliers and its affiliates against any loss, expense or liability following the customer’s violation of this sales contract or improper use of the kushstarpapers.com website.

Non-transferable fee

The customer’s right and its use of the service offered by the site is not transferable and it is subject to the limits established by the company or by the customer’s credit card company.

Your account

KushStar offers you the possibility of creating an account. We are not responsible for the loss of the password. If the user does not make a respectful use of the terms and conditions listed in this document, KushStar has the right at any time to end the use of the user’s account. The information and access provided are protected but should not be shared by the user at any time. Therefore, your password and your account are not transferable. By creating an account and submitting your information to us you agree to share it voluntarily. The same applies to the protection of your banking information. That is to say, it is the customer’s sole responsibility not to disclose their banking information to anyone. We are not responsible for any loss, theft or misuse encountered on our site. Regarding access to your personal information, you must have read and accepted our privacy policy on this subject.


The content, the service, the products found on the site are presented ‘as is ’. This implies that the implicit or explicit guarantees are rejected (like any guarantee of merchant type and of adequacy to a particular product). Our sole and maximum liability will be limited to incorrect information for whatever reason there may be. Damage will be limited to the amount paid for the receipt of the information (if any). KushStar will not be held responsible for any special, direct or indirect, accidental or collateral damage (such as misuse of the product, long-term effects, monetary losses that may lead to its use, lawsuits and others). Damage can also be based on a breach of warranty, breach of contract and any civil liability (even with regard to negligence), liability for property, whether we are warned or not of the possibility of such damage. The limitations listed above are fundamental elements of the economic relationship between the customer and the KushStar website. This also applies to the whole company. We anticipate that certain laws may apply to such a limitation of liability.

Use of information

The company reserves the right to any reservation, and the customer agrees to what the company uses, to the transfer of all information related to the use of the site by the customer and all the information provided by them are subject to applicable laws.

Applicable rights

The general conditions are available in French and English. In any case of divergence between the two versions, the French version will prevail. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, invalidity, validity, performance, non-performance, lapsing, interruption, cancellation or termination of the current contract presented will be subject exclusively to the allocation of the following rights: The Civil Code of Quebec and the Law on Consumer Protection. The customer hereby accepts and acknowledges that any litigation related to or arising from the use of the products and the kushstarpapers.com website will be subject to the decision and jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.

No waiver and independence of modalities

As far as possible, the terms of this contract will be interpreted to benefit the application. If a modality of this contract was invalidated by a competent court, it is the intention of the parties that the other provisions of the contract remain applicable. In the event that a competent court declares the nullity or non-applicability of one or more terms of the contract, it is the intention of the parties that the court understands them in the most representative way with the original intention of the parties . There will be no waiver of the exercise of a right or remedy which will be recognized by the company. No waiver of the exercise of a right or of a remedy by the company constitutes a definitive waiver of the exercise of such a remedy or of such a right subject to the rules of foreclosure of the right which is applicable in sort.

Agreement of terms and conditions

The current contract represents an agreement between KushStar and the customer to oversee their online relationship. BY ACCEPTING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THE CUSTOMER SUBMITS TO THE ONLINE PURCHASE AND REGISTRATION CONTRACT, in this case please complete your electronic registration and continue the purchasing process on our site. If, however, you do not accept the terms and conditions of the online contract which are presented, we invite you to exit the electronic registration process. If you continue and finalize the entire electronic registration process, then you will be able to acquire any product available on the KushStar site.

© All rights reserved to KushStar MC, 2022. Reproduction, translation or adaptation without authorization is prohibited. All graphics, designs, text, images, content and other creations are registered trademarks of KushStar.