King Size Rolling Paper & Filter Tips – Thin Organic Hemp Paper – 1 Booklet

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One booklet contains 33 leaves & 33 perforated filters tips

    • 100% Organic Thin Hemp Paper (12.5 GSM)
    • Unrefined paper with watermark
    • All booklets have a protection sheet
    • One booklet contains 33 leaves & 33 Natural Perforated Filter Tips
    • Sheet dimension is 44 mm x 108 mm
    • Filter dimension is 20 mm x 54 mm
    • Perforated filter for an easy rolling
    • 100% Natural Arabic gum
    • Burns evenly and slowly 


This King Size single booklet is composed of 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Paper with Natural Perforated Tips. This product will help you enjoy a nice sunny day at the beach or shine your rainy days. This booklet of 33 leaves with 33 filter tips will leave you in a spiritual space while analyzing this design. It’s made for you to roll the perfect joint and share it with your most valuable mates. These King Size Slim Organic Hemp Papers are designed to make you discover the best from the premium categorie and leave you with a great impression. Once you light up this masterpiece you’ll suddenly fall for KushStar Ambiance!

Additional information

Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 2.7 × 0.9 cm

1 review for King Size Rolling Paper & Filter Tips – Thin Organic Hemp Paper – 1 Booklet

  1. Ge_nley

    Parfait pour les gros J !!! Il tiendra le coup et n’enlèvera rien au goût de votre fleurs ! Enjoy !!! King slim quand on est plus que 3! 😉

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