Filter Tips – Natural & Perforated – 5 pack

5.49 $

Bundle of 5 booklets

  • 50 natural perforated tips per booklet
  • 5x times perforated filter tips
  • Filter Tips dimension is 60 mm x 20 mm
  • Wider than RAW original tips
  • Easy to use perforated tips with 1-1/4 size paper
  • 100% natural 1 ply cardboard


This 5 booklets bundle is composed of 100% Natural 5 times Perforated Filter Tips which is the perfect match for the KushStar 1 1/4 size Booklet. They complete each other even through great and bad times. We couldn’t count how many hours they spent together, but one thing that is for sure, everytime they meet they throw hell of a party. It’s time to blaze a cone or a big fatty to enjoy these great vibes.

Additional information

Weight 0.047 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 6.3 × 1.1 cm


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