Hemp Rolls – 5 Meter Long Organic Hemp Paper & 40 Natural Perforated Tips – 5 pack

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14.99 $

Bundle of 5 booklets each containing a 5m Hemp Rolls & 40 natural perforated tips

  • 100% Organic Thin Hemp Paper (12.5 GSM)
  • One booklet contain a 5 meter long x 44 millimeter wide roll & 40 natural perforated 4 times tips
  • Pull the needed paper length and snatch
  • Natural perforated tips dimension of 25 mm x 54 mm
  • 100% Natural Arabic gum
  • Slow and evenly burning


This 5 pack of Thin Organic Hemp Rolls with Filter tips is the best customer experience you can get at KushStar. This adjustable organic thin hemp roll is 5 meter long by 44 millimeters wide. It is long enough to satisfy all your needs and It’s possible to smoke a tiny joint or a fat doobie with the homies . All shapes and design can be created, because all you need is to snatch the paper length you need. Also, it is a nice piece of collection recognizable from far away in your stash box. If you got an idea or a plan, all you need is to customize your imagination with this premium product offered for veterans.

Additional information

Weight 0.094 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 5.6 × 3.8 cm

1 review for Hemp Rolls – 5 Meter Long Organic Hemp Paper & 40 Natural Perforated Tips – 5 pack

  1. Shannon

    These are fantastic! I’ve never used any kind of rolling papers like this that you can make your own size. And, wow! They burn just as well as the rest of this amazing line of papers, and roll with eeeeeeeease. Leaving you with nothing left to do but sit back, light up, and watch the stars in the sky.

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